Corporate Philosophy

Moccamaster cares for the environment

From its foundation, Technivorm has used recyclable and sustainable materials with a long lifespan, and with a focus on low energy consumption.

Moccamaster switched from plastic to metal housing with the design of model 741 in 1974, an iconic design which is still used to this day. Moccamaster also introduced separate heating elements for heating water, and the hotplate, reducing power consumption up to 98% (from 1470 W down to 25 W.)

Comprehensive catalogue

By conducting market research and listening to what customers want, Technivorm-Moccamaster has built up a comprehensive assortment of coffee makers, hotplates and coffee grinders in more than 200 variations. The company makes a distinction between appliances for household/private use and professional applications. Certain coffee maker models are available for left and right handed serving and for wall mounting. All appliances come in a range of colours.The capacity of the coffee makers varies from 1 litre for household use up to 7.2 litres for professional use. Besides this, combined coffee machines and hotplates are available in single and twin version.

For the people, certified by professionals

Technivorm works together with the leading international coffee research centers, such as the ECBC (European Coffee Brewing Centre) and SPAA/SPAE (Specialty Coffee Association America/Europe) sharing knowledge and using feedback to continuously improve our machines.

Each Moccamaster machine is tested and approved by those professionals in order to ensure that every cup of coffee you brew with a Moccamaster, has that award winning taste and smoothness, whether it’s your first or 1000th cup.

Moccamaster 2020 - Handbuilt by professionals