In 1967 the Technivorm production department moved to Amerongen

Gerard C. Smit had a production hall built behind his house in the old village ( where the workshop of his design agency had once stood ). Technivorm's activities were steadily expanded here. The number of employees grew, as did the sales market. The first pass through coffee grinder, the KM2 from 1967, was an even greater success than its predecessor.

From coffee grinder to coffee maker

In 1968 Technivorm began developing a coffee maker for the fast-filter and normal method. One year after the award of international patents, this appliance came onto the market. Various other models followed in quick succession; originally for household use only, but later in 1983, coffee makers for the professional market were launched. The success led to explosive growth of the company, which also meant that Technivorm's production facilities needed rebuilding an expansion on several occasions. Technical developments also followed each other in quick succession during this period. More and more use was made of industrial applications and in 1988, it became necessary for the company to move the Amerongen industrial estate.

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