The Beginning

The vibrant history of Technivorm Moccamaster goes back to the nineteen sixties

At the time, Gerard Clement Smit was an enthusiastic industrial designer and draughtsman, with a design agency for household equipment and appliances.
In 1964, he made the decision to also manufacture some of his own, patented, designs, and rented a small warehouse in nearby Elst, where Technivorm started producing step ladders and shelf stacking systems.

Thousands of items were produced and shipped every year, with a modest staff of just six employees

The first step into coffee

Technivorm also enjoyed early success with an innovated coffee grinder. The portion grinder, (model KM1), had a stylish design and innovative grinding system with built-in radial fan. This prevented the coffee grounds to heat up and lose its flavor, a revolutionary idea in a time where most people still ground coffee by hand. The KM1 coffee grinder was in production as long as its patent lasted, and supported Holland’s largest coffee maker, Douwe Egberts, in it’s transition from offering only coffee beans, to become the number one in ground coffee. 

Moccamaster 2020 - Handbuilt by professionals