The Beginning

The history of Technivorm-Moccamaster goes back to the nineteen sixties

At the time, Gerard Clement Smit was an enthusiastic industrial designer and draughtsman with his own agency, who designed for others on contract basis. In 1964 he decided that he would also manufacture his own designs and set up the company Technivorm. In a hired factory in Elst ( near Amerongen ), he began producing step ladders and shelf stacking systems, which he himself had designed an patented. Straight away, this was a great success. Many thousands of a articles were sold in those early years, at which time Technivorm had around 6 employees.

The first coffee grinder

Technivorm also enjoyed early success with a self-designed coffee grinder. This coffee grinder - KM1 portion grinder-had a stylish design and an effective aerodynamic grinding system through the built-in radial fan. This prevented the coffee from heating up, which was a revolutionary development for that time. The international patents Technivorm acquired for the coffee grinder served out their full duration!  For many years, the KM1 portion grinder was successfully sold in the Nederlands by Douwe Egberts. Sales of ground coffee were still quite low during that period.

Moccamaster 2019 - Handbuilt by professionals