AO - Auto Off
As per European Union law, from January  2015, all appliances with a hotplate must automatically switch off after 40 minutes. If you wish to keep warming the coffee in your carafe, we recommend turning the device off when you take the carafe off, and turning it back on after putting the carafe with coffee back, the timer will reset to 40 minutes.

Algae grow fast when exposed to sunlight, for instance, when your Moccamaster is placed near a window. Moccamaster recommends treating an algae contamination with Clean Drop. To use Clean Drop, fill half of the water container with hot (not boiling!) water and add a sachet of Clean Drop. Wait one hour, then pour out the water used for cleaning, any chunks of algae still left in the container can be cleaned with a paper or cloth towel. ,Rinse the container with clean water at least twice, before turning the machine on for a water-only cycle.

Cleaning the spare parts
Although we mention that the glass jug and thermos carafe are not dishwasher safe, the remaining parts (lid, filter container) can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Cleaning the machine
To clean your Moccamaster we recommend using Clean Drop. You can order Clean Drop from theMoccamaster webshop.We do not recommend filling up the water reservoir with the coffee jug, because contamination from a dirty jug might affect longevity of the machine.

Cleaning a glas jug
We recommend removing the lid from the jug as little as possible, as excessive use reduces the lifetime of plastic stubs. Moccamaster also warns not to clean the glass jug in a dishwasher.
To fill the water container of the Moccamaster, please use a separate, clean bottle or carafe with water.

Cleaning a thermos jug
To maintain an excellent coffee taste, it is important to regularly clean the jug.

Put a dishwasher tablet, or dishwashing liquid in the jug, fill it with hot or cooking water, stir with a wooden spoon then let it sit for an hour.
After cleaning, empty the jug, clean with a brush, and rinse at least two times with water, before using the jug again.

Descaling any household appliance that uses water is important as it increases the longevity and quality of your Moccamaster. We recommend using Durgol descaler after every 100 brew cycles (every pack of filter papers) or when the glass tube inside the reservoir becomes cloudy.

We do not recommend using vinegar or citric acid to descale as they might damage the machine, leave an unpleasant taste, or cause issues with your Moccamasters’ mechanical parts.

NOTE: Please refrain from using descalers with high citric acid content, such as a biodegradable descaler.

The citric acid can cause a chemical reaction with the copper of our heating element, resulting in a persistent bad taste.
If you have already used a high-acid descaler, please clean the machine several times with a soda solution, as this will neutralize the effect of the citric acid, and rinse several times with water.

Drip stop does not work anymore
Maybe the spring dropped out of the drip stop? Some customers knock the coffee filter out of the container. This may be the cause of the spring jumping out. You can order a new spring on

Filter basket overflows
This can have different causes:
1. The drip stop is blocked
2. Too fine ground coffee: Espresso coffee is too fine and not suitable.
3. Using decaffeinated coffee may clog the bottom of the coffee filter. You have to fold the edge of the coffee filter well to the side.
4. Do you have a salt-based water softener connected to the water pipe? Often these are central systems for households. Calcium and magnesium are seeded in sodium. This water has a lower EC value and a higher surface tension. The water penetrates slower into the coffee powder and the filter container overflows. We recommend max. Brew 8 cups or use other water.

Lime indicator
The machine with lime indicator is no longer available since 2013 (only in Scandinavia). We have found that the indicator is usually too late (especially in areas where the water has a high degree of hardness). We recommend decalcifying the machine with Durgol after 100 brewing cycles, ie with each new packet of filter bags. If the glass tube in the water reservoir becomes cloudy we recommend to descale also.

KB-KBG what is the difference?
The KB has another "filter holder" with adjustable filter container, the KBG has a "filter holder" with automatic drip stop and a matching filter container (not adjustable). The filter holder can not be replaced, because then the filter bridge and glass jug must be replaced also.

Prepare a small jug of coffee
The device is also suitable for 2 cups. However you should dose more coffee.
Tip 1: two coffee filters slow down the run.
Tip 2: If you want up to 2 cups of coffee, remove the glass jug and put it back (after the water has run through). So the coffee has longer contact with the water. Attention, with more than 2 cups the glassjug overflows!

The left button is to switch the machine on. The right button is for the hotplate. When you make coffee we advise to put the switch on. This will preheat the glass jug quickly and it is ok for a full jar of coffee. When the jar is half full, you can decrease the heat by turning the switch off, to prevent the coffee will get too hot and bitter.

Moccamaster grants a 5-year warranty if the machine receives good maintenance and regularly descaling. Individual parts such as glass jug / lid / filter holder are not covered by warranty.

Water stays in the machine
It is normal for some water to remain in the tubes of the machine. It is certainly not necessary to empty the machine. The copper heating element has an anti-bacterial effect. Only when you go on vacation or do not use the machine for a long time is it recommended to empty the machine.

Water oulet
The water outlet was made of brass until a few years ago and chrome plated. The chipping off of the chrome (for example, around the holes) comes from limescale. However, the chrome does not get into the coffee and stays in the filter bag. It does not dissolve in coffee and does not harm your health. Even brass does not release any harmful substances. The water outlet is still working well, it just does not look so pretty anymore.

Today's water outlet is made of stainless steel and the chrome does not peel off anymore. Descaling is still important. You can order a new water outlet  in our webshop. Due to the surface tension, the water that comes out is contracted and you don't see 9 drops. Nevertheless, the distribution is better than before.

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