Descaling any household appliance that uses water is important as it increases the longevity and quality of your Moccamaster. We recommend using Durgol descaler after every 100 brew cycles (every pack of filter papers) or when the glass tube inside the reservoir becomes cloudy.

We do not recommend using vinegar or citric acid to descale as they might damage the machine, leave an unpleasant taste, or cause issues with your Moccamasters’ mechanical parts.

NOTE: Please refrain from using descalers with high citric acid content, such as a biodegradable descaler.

The citric acid can cause a chemical reaction with the copper of our heating element, resulting in a persistent bad taste.

If you have already used a high-acid descaler, please clean the machine several times with a soda solution, as this will neutralize the effect of the citric acid, and rinse several times with water.


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