Moccamaster, the healthy choice
Filter coffee is gaining in popularity and there is a good reason for this filter coffee contains the lowest level of cafestol. This coffee ingredient indirectly increases the level of cholesterol, the negative effects of which are well known. In comparison to capsule machines, the benefits for the environment is in favour of filter coffee due to less energy for production and less litter.

The traditional filter coffee machine with the perfect taste
Worldwide Moccamaster filter coffee machines have been rated as the best to produce first class coffee with delicate nuances of taste and flavour. Since 1964, Technivorm Moccamaster has manufactured Moccamaster. The perfect taste, high quality and reliability are our highest priority.

The production of Moccamaster in our factory in the Netherlands is undertaken by a first class dedicated team of experienced and qualified people. Close co-operation and liaison with leading coffee research centres enable a further development of our machines.

'Life is too short,to drink bad coffee'

KBG 741 AO Pastel Yellow - UK Plug

KBG 741 AO Copper - UK Plug

KBG 741 AO Brick Red - UK Plug

KBG 741 AO Red Metallic - UK Plug

KBG 741 AO Fresh Green - UK Plug

KBG 741 AO Matt Black - UK Plug

KBG 741 AO Pink - UK Plug

KBG 741 AO Off-White - UK Plug

KBG 741 AO Brushed - UK Plug

KBG 741 AO Stone Grey - UK Plug

KBG 741 AO Black - UK Plug

KBG 741 AO Pastel Blue - UK Plug

Moccamaster 2019 - Handbuilt by professionals