Fresh ground beans: an absolute must for the sophisticated coffee drinker

The Moccamaster quality aspects, also for the coffee grinders
• High quality recycable materials, BPA free
• Handmade in The Netherlands under strict quality control
• Long lasting performance, 5 years warranty
• SCA & ECBC certified
• Solid aluminium housing

The fine and homogeneous grinding of Moccamaster grinders ensures the perfect combination with our filter coffee machines.

• Moccamaster grinders have a smart grinding system and are fast and easy to use with a simple push button.
• The bean container and the grinding chamber are separate. This prevents heating of the coffee powder by the warmth of the grinding process; no loss of aroma as often produced by conventional grinders.
• The grinding blades work like a propeller: the ground coffee is blown through a fine-grained sieve of stainless steel so that the coffee grounds do not come into contact with the blades again.

The model of grinder you choose mostly depends upon your kitchen conditions: the wall-mounted model keeps the countertop free, whereas a table top can be stored in the cupboard.

Do you want to return the grinder because you are not happy with your choice? You can return your order within 14 days after receipt (own expense).

KM/DOS Coffee Grinder with Dispenser (Art.Nr. 49220)

KM4 Coffee Grinder Table Top (Art.Nr. 49321)

KM4 Coffee Grinder (Art.Nr. 49021)

DOS Coffee Dispenser (Art.Nr. 49100)

Moccamaster Coffee Grind Sieve Nr. 18 (Art.Nr. 50125)

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